Fill up a simple online registration form and submit it. Once we verify your details, you will get a mail stating that you are a verified member and have access to the website.

There are three types of members: Life Members, Students and Faculty.

Life Membership: All TISSians who have received any certificate, diploma or degree approved by TISS Academic Council can become a TISSAA Life Member by paying a small membership one time fee of Rs 2500.

Students Membership: Students (verified users) Rs 200 -- only for two years, extension will be given on request depending on the duration of the course.

Faculty Membership: Those faculties who are not TISSians can also avail and access the services of TISSAA website by paying membership fees Rs 2,500.

We have mapped all the alumni on a map. Connecting with your batch mates, once you are a life member, is just a click away.