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Photography is fast becoming a very lucrative profession and at the same time it’s a very interesting hobby. It is an art, which when learnt properly, can provide immense self satisfaction and happiness.

Be it a student, a housewife, a retired veteran or a working professional, Photography as a hobby lets you explore the world from a different point of view. Capture precious moments, express your feelings, help your loved ones immortalize their memories or just use it for your research. Correct knowledge of the art lets you do it the right way.

A camera hanging around your neck makes you look like a Pro and when you capture good images, it makes you feel like one! Understanding the fundamentals of Photography will help you achieve this faster and in a methodical manner.

Here’s a chance to do so. TISSAA presenting a one-day workshop on Digital Photography


Age: Above 15 years

(ONLY for Digital SLR cameras)



- Beginners who are planning to learn Photography

- Compact camera users who plan to upgrade to a Digital SLR

- Those who already own a Digital SLR and wanting to make optimum use of it

- Have attended Photography workshops/ training sessions earlier and are wanting to brush up their knowledge



  1. CAMERA – Handling and structure of the Camera. Various Camera types.
  2. LENSES – Different type of lenses, their function and usage
  3. SHOOTING MODES – Different shooting modes available and their uses
  4. IMPORTANT FEATURES – Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO
  5. EXPOSURE – The process of making an image and the relationship of the exposure triangle
  6. EFFECTS – Depth of Field, Motion (Freeze, Blur, Pan)
  7. COMPOSITION – The art of composition and guidelines
  8. FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY – Basics of using the built-in and external flash



Swapnil Agaskar is a Printing Technologist from the Sir J. J. School of Arts Mumbai, where he studied photography as part of the curriculum and later followed it with a Diploma in Photography, under Professor Shreekant Malushte at the Indian Institute of Photography.

With a special interest in Travel and Street photography, he shoots across various genres. In addition to his own commercial photography venture, Swapnil is a Group Leader with DCP Expeditions – Mumbai, where he conducts Photowalks and Workshops and also leads International and Domestic Photography tours.

His work has been published in the Smart Photography magazine and his images have been displayed in major exhibitions across Mumbai, Thane, Vasai, Nasik, Nagpur and Delhi. Having won the 3rd and the 1st prize of the national competition of APAC, in consecutive years, he has featured in their photography exhibition in the prestigious Piramal Art Gallery in NCPA Mumbai.

Swapnil has to his credit, over 85 International Salon acceptances and has won a Gold medal each from the Photographic Society of America and the Federation of Indian Photographers. He is a life member of the Photographic Society of India.


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022-2552 5918

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Registration Fees Rs.1000/-

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