Our doors were always OPEN. Come back. TISS has launched its alumni portal and we are inviting all of you to sign-up. If nothing else, the shared passion is the thread that binds us together. That passion for change, for improvement, for dreaming big, yet making our small change in humanity, will once again allow us to talk, to discuss, argue, maybe fight, but definitely stand up for ought to be. The inner wiring has been our anchor. TISS as a university has grown; but we hold on to the same values we cherished and lived by when you occupied the benches here. At the same time, while navigating the winds of change, we have found new relevance. As for you, our dear graduate TISSites, we believe that each of you is living by the honour code that you set for yourself. In doing so, we hope some of the lessons you picked up here are coming handy. Just as you have grown here, we have been enriched with your time here. Let’s revive that glorious bond. Let’s be connected in ways that interest you.