Dear TISSians,
A warm welcome.

It feels great to connect with you.

On the outset let me congratulate you, as your Alma Mater has been able to retain its position in the top slot, as a premier institute of the country, maintaining the A+ NAAC grading.

There are over 25,000 TISSians, who are successful and involved in a wide variety of professions, playing a pivotal role in upholding and enriching the legacy of the Institute.

TISSIANs are known for their competence, they are manning and managing all domains of Public/Professional fields.

TISSians are the ambassadors of the Institute.

TISS, your Alma Mater, wish to connect with all of you. At TISSAA, we have been creating and maintaining a connection with alumni, building an Institute experience through programmes and services.

We firmly believe in developing an active and engaged alumni network which empowers both, the Institute and its graduates. TISS mission is to foster a strong bond with alumni, to keep them informed, and create a network enabling them to remain engaged with their alma mater and help shape its future.

We continue to seek innovative ways to serve alumni by providing educational, and professional opportunities that appeal to them. It is worth to mention here that the several noted Institutes/Universities abroad and in India are being helped in a big way by their Alumni. Whether our alumni are interacting with the Institute or its student body, attending events, their contributions make a difference to TISS. There are several ways to reconnect. You can give back to the Institute and serve as a springboard for further involvement. TISSAA website is a great opportunity to all of us to connect, interact and bond.

We would like to appeal to all of you to contribute in whatever way possible for you, this will certainly help us to uphold & enrich the legacy of TISS for which it stands. Rest assured, your Alma Mater is committed to developing a strong bond with its Alumni.

TISSAA website is an excellent platform to be part of the flow. .Come join us and reminiscence TISS memories.