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CIRCA 1954

Present faculty has a lot to offer and they have incorporated the Institute's values, its humanistic outlook, its desire to impact on the country's problems.

Armaity Desai

Former Director, TISS & Advisor, TISSAA


Wherever you are, there is always an old campus mate around the corner. Mapped here are alums spread around the globe.




Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..


Our alums network is a great way to keep in touch with fellow TISSians and continue your relationship with TISS.

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What better than allowing alumni to post job announcements and come back on campus to pick their juniors

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  • Ms. Leena Joshi Former Director of Apnalaya

    TISS provided me with ample opportunities which gave me immense exposure to several social issues. The years at TISS have enriched my life, through several deep and meaningful interactions with my fellow TISSians and the faculty. TISS has been a guiding force in my life which showed and offered me numerous possibilities and I happily walked on in my journey.

  • Ms. Nayan Phatak Khadapkar

    TISS is one of the country's best academic institutions. The lessons I have learnt from my faculty on this beautiful and splendid campus, and the magnificent and rigorous training I have had received during my fieldwork has powerfully and indelibly shaped my thinking, my career and my personal life. Which is why I consider TISS the finest crucible of life,

  • Ms. Shobhana Mannadiar

    Today, I owe the biggest part of me to my Alma Mater - the TISS

  • Dr. Sujata Mohan Rajapurkar

    The days at TISS have been very enriching and fulfilling, which certainly prepared me to excel in whichever assignment I undertook. I humbly express my gratitude to my Alma Mater, the worthy faculty of TISS, my mentors late Dr Grace Mathew and Dr Marie Lobo who went the extra mile in bringing out the best in me

  • Aparna Sharma Author & HR thought leader

    TISS is my Temple. A Big "Thank You" for laying a strong foundation professionally! My journey of a 1000 miles began with the 1st step from TISS! Its a reserviour where you can dip into to sieve out & take in whatever your need! My heartfelt gratitude to my Alma Mater.

  • Janaki Ramakrishnan Senior Consultant

    TISS most certainly helps to carve you to be human and that reflects in every aspect of interaction for social good and personal gains.

  • S. Venkatesh Management Board Member, President – Group HR, RPG Enterprises

    TISS sharpened what I always strongly believed in, that in HR, we exist to make things better for employees. The Institute’s focus on social justice, concern for the underpreviliged is embedded deeply in my professional psyche, translating into what we later came to call the ‘People Champion’ approach. This is what makes TISSians truly great HR professionals. TISS has taught me to respect every human being as an equal.

  • Solomon Ravikumar VP, HR - Volvo-India

    TISS taught me to take a balanced view and a pragmatic approach in work and life, appreciate that there is always an alternate viewpoint, contribute/ deliver in multiple spaces and not compromise on my core values. Another important part of the moulding process is the ability to be equally adept and comfortable in conceptualisation and hands on, the blend of which is a critical success factor in the Corporate world. 

  • Bindu Venkatesh Human Resources & Training, Oracle Human Resources

    TISS has made me a more well-rounded individual with both the ability to introspect and also to understand the outside and make sense of the world we live in. This has been by far the greatest gift that TISS gave me;  This helps me to work with empathy and at the same time have the necessary pragmatism to be able to take decisions that are focused on benefiting the largest number.  

  • Atul Kulkarni IPS

    TISS has nurtured me, help me stay rooted, fight dreaded criminals and corruption. The training I received here has made me fearless. It has inculcated in me the right values. I consider TISS as the finest crucible of my life as it is India's best academic institution. The lessons I learnt here, within the classrooms and on this picturesque campus, have powerfully and indelibly shaped my perceptions, career and personal life.

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